The Best Tips For Tree Planting Close Bushes

If you are planting trees, you may want to be careful about where you place them in your backyard. You may have bushes that could actually compromise their growth. This is only true, however, when they are very young. It has to do with how they can affect the root system. When trees are young and trying to establish themselves on the ground, they need to have as much space as possible. It is important to plant them properly, give them plenty of water, and it might be advantageous to keep them as far away from bushes as possible. Here is an overview of why it is important to plant your trees and bushes far apart from each other, especially when trees are young.

Where Should You Plant Your Trees?

There are three considerations that you need to make if you are going to plant trees. First of all, choose an area where it is relatively wide open. This includes an area of your yard where there are no other plants, and they should also have a good view of the south. The sun is very important to their survival, especially early on. They need as much exposure as possible. Second, you need to plant them properly. This includes digging a hole that is roughly 2 feet in depth, and 3 feet in diameter, which allows you to properly aerate the ground and also plant them deep enough. Finally, you need to water them at least once a day, allowing the roots to grow outward into the soil. Once this is done, they will have a chance that growing properly, inevitably becoming healthy trees that will live for many decades.

Why Are Bushes Detrimental To Trees?

The reason that bushes can be detrimental to trees has to do with the root system. For example, if you have a bush that is already established or several of them in an area where you are going to plant the tree, this can prevent the roots from expanding outward. It is also going to be competitive for the water and nutrients that are in the soil. Some bushes are going to require a substantial amount of water, nitrogen, potassium, and other elements found in the dirt. Therefore, if you want to give your trees the best chance of surviving when they are just planted, do not place the next bushes.

What If You Can’t Position Them Elsewhere?

You can position them in many places in most cases, but if you have limited space and if it is near a bush, there are a couple things you can do to improve its chances of growing. First of all, you will need to water this area extra every day so that both the tree and the bushes will be able to grow properly. Likewise, you should add fertilizer and compost to the soil, and aerate the soil as much as you can. This will improve the chances of both the Bush and tree growing properly throughout the year.

These tips should help you find a better place to plant your trees if you have bushes in your backyard. Once you have done this, it will be very easy to keep them alive and watch them grow tall and strong. Even if you do plant the next to a bush or two, by adding extra fertilizer and compost to the soil, this will make it possible for you to plant your trees anywhere you want to and have them grow for years to come.