Proper Tree Pruning Leaves Trees Healthy

Trees can be a great enhancement to any landscape but require proper care and maintenance so that they become an integral part of that landscape. Trees can provide a lot of shade that can also help to keep a home cooler. You have to ensure that a tree or trees in your backyard are always safe from pest and disease and maintain good health.

Tree pruning is a part of tree maintenance and requires the cutting of twigs and branches. It can be of great help in preventing the spread of disease and can deter pests. Sometimes some branches or twigs of a tree do get infested, and trimming or pruning that part can prevent the disease from getting to the rest of the tree. Pruning ensures that the healthy parts of the tree are maintained and the diseased parts exorcised. Branches of a tree can die and then they are likely to fall of trees and can at times cause a danger of injuries to people who are below the tree. Such branches must not be allowed to fall on their own and must be trimmed or pruned before they can cause any damage to life and property you can hire a great tree service company at

Pruning can also be of large help when it comes to the aesthetics of a tree. You can even create abstract shapes that blend with the landscape. The tree can then be decorative and a focal point for the landscape. Another great advantage that comes from trimming or pruning trees is that it ensures that the leaf growth is thriving. The canopy can then become thicker and lead to more shade that can also ensure privacy. Proper pruning of trees makes them grow taller as vertical growth is encouraged. Trees in properties that are close to roads and other public places must be pruned so that their branches and leaves are never a nuisance to adjoining properties.

Tree pruning requires the removing of specific parts of trees and can include their branches, buds and even the roots. Pruning does cause damage to a tree and is best undertaken in late winter so that the wounds caused by the pruning have time to heal and are ready for growth during the right season. Branches that are weak and have narrow V-shaped angles must be trimmed as part of the tree pruning exercise. Tree pruning that creates a ratio of 2/3rd between the crown and the height of the tree leads to aesthetic trees that are well balanced and strong. Any pruning of trees must ensure that the tree is able to maintain its balance, as if only one side of the tree is pruned, for whatever reason, it can lead to undue pressure on the roots and trees can even topple over. Prune branches that are still young as they will not lead to scarring and the tree will recover faster.

Take great care of safety and use the proper ladders and scaffolding and the right implements when trimming a tree.